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Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents in Arizona happen every day. Most of the time we are shaken up and unsure what to do next.  In the last 20 years, the AZ Hometown Law Firm has helped accident victims recover $Millions of Dollars for their injuries.

  • First, you should call the police. Even if the accident happens on private property, call the police to visit the scene and make an official report.
  • Second, you should seek immediate medical attention. Insurance companies love to say later that the client could not have been that hurt if they didn’t seek immediate attention.
    • Oftentimes clients say they do not have health insurance so they cannot seek immediate medical attention. If that is the case, CALL US IMMMEDIATELY. Let us help you find a provider that can give you the attention you deserve. Our most important goal is to get you healed and back to full health as soon as possible.
  • Once you have had a moment to gather your thoughts, get photographs of the damage to your vehicle.  If you can, take photos of all vehicles involved as well as the area surrounding the collision. You will be surprised at how many clues we can gather from photos taken at the scene of an accident.

Finally, call us as soon as possible for a free consultation to discuss your injuries and rights. Let us worry about opening the insurance claim on your behalf and help you get immediate help with your property damage. Don’t let the insurance company pick and choose where to fix your vehicle. They will do it as cheap as possible. Let us work on your behalf to ensure your vehicle is treated with care. We will represent you for your personal injury from start to finish.

Beware of Law Firms that do not handle cases that go to trial. Sadly, many law firms are owned and operated by attorneys that have never seen the inside of a courtroom.  Insurance companies know who they are but will let you hire them so they can make you terrible offers.  Our accident attorneys have handled thousands of cases and we have active cases in trial or going to trial. We don’t just settle; we fight for justice.  Not only do we know how insurance companies work, we know how their lawyers think as well. We have relationships with medical experts and accident reconstructionists that will help you win your case at trial.

Our staff is the best at communicating with you weekly about your accident. Our attorneys will guide you every step of the process and get you the most for your injury claim. Our goal is to get you as much compensation as possible as well as get you healed. Do not hesitate, CALL US NOW at (602) 495-1005. Our staff is standing by to help you today.


Car & Truck Injury


Our firm has handled over 2000 automobile accidents. Because we focus primarily on auto collisions, we believe our experience will not only help you reach maximum recovery of your injuries, but will maximum the recovery of your damages as well.

Motorcycle Injury


Victims of Motorcycle accidents tend to have more serious injuries and more medical bills than o­­­ther types of accidents. Therefore it is important to have an experienced lawyer who understands the complexity of your injuries and can work to reduce you medical bills.

Medical Malpractice


Our office receives hundreds of calls a year regarding medical malpractices claims. Unfortunately, due to laws and juror misunderstandings these cases are difficult to litigate. Medical Malpractice claims included but are not limited to; brain injury, birth defects, nursing home neglect/abuse, pharmaceutical errors, and misdiagnoses.

Workers Compensation


If you been injured on the job, we are here to advocate for you against your employer and insurance agencies. We handle ERISA, long term disability and bad faith claims. If you been hurt at work, contact the worker’s comp experts at AZ Hometown Law Firm.

Dog Bite Injury


The laws of Arizona are clear on dog bite claims. If a dog causes you injury, the pet owner is strictly liable for the injuries caused by them. Strict liability statue in Arizona is one year. Therefore if you been attacked or bitten by animal you should act quickly and speak to a lawyer.

Wrongful Death


A wrongful death claim can be a difficult time for family and friends when they lose a loved one. As such we take these cases very seriously and will work to ensure the deceased victim family receives the justice they are entitled too.

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