Accidents Caused by Rain/Inclement Weather

Phoenix, just like the rest of Arizona, is known for getting plenty of rain during the summer monsoons. Rain leads to wet, slick roads, which can make roads dangerous for motorists. In fact, when it rains, statistics show that the number of car accidents increases. All drivers are supposed to be smart and drive safely […]

Concern Over Fatality Rate in Truck Driving Accidents

One of the most dangerous occupations is driving big rigs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the average fatality rate across all professions nationwide, including Arizona, is 3.5 deaths for every 10,000 workers. However, when trucker fatalities are separated from the rest, an analysis shows that 26.8 of every 10,000 commercial vehicle operators […]

Arizona Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations in Arizona is set at two years for all personal injury claims. It is one year for libel or slander claims, which are a subset of personal injury law. Some exceptions may apply when it takes longer than a year for a person to reasonably realize an injury has occurred. What […]

Medical Negligence: The Most Common Medical Mistakes

According to a review of more than 335,000 medical cases, the most commonly observed medical mistake that causes severe or deadly complications in patients involves prescribing, dispensing, and giving medications and other treatments. Medical errors result in more than 250,000 deaths in the United States every year, so uncovering the common culprits behind these mistakes […]

Top 5 Causes Why Wrong Way Driver Accidents Occur?

It is imperative that Phoenix drivers understand the dangers and causes of wrong-way accidents, as well as what to do if they are injured. Wrong-way driving accounts for only a small percentage of car accidents; however, they are more likely to be fatal or result in serious injuries. The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) […]

Car Accidents Involving Cattle

Vehicles colliding with large, heavy animals, such as cattle or other livestock, can cause catastrophic harm for the driver and passengers. Throughout Arizona, livestock owners are required to properly secure their animals, but they may not always be legally responsible for damages. Understand Your Right to Compensation After a Car Accident Involving Cattle or Other […]

Who’s at Fault in a Single-Car Accident?

Most car accident crashes involve two or more cars. But there are times when an accident may involve your car only. Suppose you swerve to avoid an animal in the road and end up slamming into a building. Who is at fault for such an accident? Single car accidents are not always the car driver’s […]

Don’t Underestimate Your Need for Long Term Disability Insurance

Long-term disabilities phoenix are probably more common than you think: About one-third of us will experience one before age 65. But before you buy insurance, learn the ins and outs of long-term disability policies. If you underestimate your risk of disability, you’re not alone … only 10% of individuals accurately estimate their chance of disability, […]

Have You Been Denied Long Term Disability Insurance?

Having a lawyer involved from the beginning shows the insurance company that you are serious about this claim. Companies treat an attorney differently than they treat an insured. The company knows it needs to do everything by the book. The claims representatives make sure they cross all their T’s and dot all their I’s. It […]

Top 5 Denial Reasons for Disability Insurance (ERISA Lawsuits)

Once a policyholder receives a denied disability claim, it can be very difficult to have it overturned, so you want to understand as much as possible about the process from the very beginning. Number One: Private Investigators When compiling the top-five list for claim denials, disability lawyers have identified the number one reason as being […]

Are Companies Liable to Workers Who Pass COVID-19 to Family?

Do businesses have an obligation to those who have never been at a worksite? Courts have split on the issue, which will likely be raised in new lawsuits alleging that negligence led workers to become ill and pass on the COVID-19 virus to family members. Reuters covered two lawsuits filed by workers’ family members and […]

The Risks of Buying Cheap Auto Insurance

Auto insurance companies profit billions due to driver’s buying cheap insurance. Its a fact of life in the 21st century. Everyone is doing it and online shopping has made it worst with competitive pricing. But the real question is, can you trust cheap car insurance? It’s definitely tempting to buy cheap auto insurance online, but […]

Did Driver’s Negligence Result in Your Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle drivers face numerous dangers when on the road, and they are more likely to collide with other vehicles and receive severe injury or lose their lives in the process. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are due to the negligence of the driver. motorcycle accident phoenix These negligent acts may be from the operator of […]

When To Pursue Bad Faith Insurance Claims

When an insurance company has denied coverage, is unwilling to provide a settlement and similar matters, an insurance company may be involved in bad faith claims. This means the carrier is attempting to get out of providing entitled monetary compensation for a policy that has coverage of the damage caused by the incident. If a […]

Hit An Animal With Your Car?

Collisions with animals are a real danger for many drivers. In fact, 629 people were injured and four killed in accidents involving animals on US roads in 2019, according to the latest government figures. car accidents caused by animals These collisions also take a tragic toll on wildlife. Although the full extent of animal road […]

Car Accidents Involving Animals, Who’s At Fault?

Depending on where you live, you may see deer and other wild animals grazing by the side of the road, nearby field, wooded area or open highway. Unfortunately, these animals do not stop to see if there are any cars coming before they run across the road. Too often, by the time the motorist sees […]

Did You Lose Your Health Insurance Because of the Coronavirus? Here’s What To Do

More than 26 million people filed unemployment claims with the U.S. Department of Labor over the five-week period ending April 18. This unprecedented number of filings may climb if more businesses lay off workers as the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic continues. Forecasters estimate that the unemployment rate could hit 20 percent for the […]

Workers Fearful of the Coronavirus Are Getting Fired and Losing Their Benefits

Thousands who refuse to return to work are being reported to the state to have their unemployment benefits potentially revoked. After scraping by for weeks on unemployment checks and peanut butter sandwiches, Jake Lyon recently received the call that many who temporarily lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic have anticipated: The college-town tea […]

Telecommunting: Is It a Reasonable Accommodation During COVID-19?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new normal for many employees. But many businesses are also pushing to return to normal, even in areas where the outbreak still isn’t contained. Many workers are facing increasing pressure to return to work, even when it isn’t safe. Those with pre-existing […]

5 Tips For Injured Workers

Unlike other more sophisticated clients, representing injured workers can be uniquely challenging. Every worker who comes into your office is hurt, scared, broke and doesn’t do paperwork well. Every worker who comes into your office has differing expectations and perceptions. In representing these injured workers, you inherit all their fears, perceptions, frailties and stress. Your […]

Can You Be Fired for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Workers’ compensation provides no-fault insurance benefits to employees who suffer injuries or illnesses as a result of job-related incidents. Under the workers’ compensation system, employees or their dependents are entitled to medical treatment as well as compensation for lost wages arising from a work-related injury, illness, or death.workmans comp az Workers are covered for injuries […]

Association’s Response to COVID-19

Message From The President “Where Trial Lawyers Come Together” has been used as a way to describe our organization. Those words are especially important as our members and clients go through these difficult and uncertain times. The leadership of this organization is al committed to doing the best we can for our members. As you […]

Forced to Resign After Workplace Injury?

They happen even when best efforts are made by employers to provide a safe workplace and workers are performing their job in a safe manner. When a worker gets injured on the job, there are new pressures on both the employer and the worker. The employer has to find a way to get the work […]

COVID-19 May Affect Arizona Workers’ Compensation For Essential Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the lives of all Americans, and the state of Arizona has been hit particularly hard. Under Doug Ducey state reopening, Arizona has seen an alarming increase of COVID -19 cases. If you are one of those essential workers and are infected on the job or have […]

Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents Have Fatal Consequences

Motorcyclists normally suffer serious injury and grievous wounds from accidents with a passenger or commercial vehicle, but rear-end collisions could kill the biker as he or she flies off the motorcycle. The devastating effects could cause life-altering injuries and extensive property damage for the driver of a motorcycle. When a person driving a motorcycle is […]

How to Recover from a Pedestrian Accident in Arizona

The weather in Phoenix, Arizona is some of the most consistently beautiful in the nation, and this results in a high level of outdoor activity involving pedestrians, skateboarders and those out and about. Unfortunately, statistically speaking Orange County also accounts for a high percentage of pedestrian accidents nationwide. Beach communities such as Phoenix and Tucson […]

Boating Accidents, Who’s Liable?

Accidents in the water may lead to litigation if the person survives after sustaining an injury on a small vessel, and then it is vital to understand who the liable party is for the damages incurred during the incident. These situations may require a thorough investigation to determine the at-fault party and which person or […]

Slip and Fall Injuries In Hospitals on the Rise

Slipping and falling in a hospital can occur whether you are a patient in the hospital or visiting someone who is recuperating. Just like other slip and fall accidents, those that occur in hospitals can be dangerous, leading to broken bones, neck and back injuries as well as traumatic brain injuries that require extensive treatment. […]

3 Most Common Types Of Slip And Fall Accidents

A slip and fall personal injury can occur while visiting someone’s home, attending school, working on the job site, shopping in the supermarket, or walking on the sidewalk. A slip and fall caused by wet floors, icy sidewalks and parking lots, spilled grease, uneven walking surfaces, and cluttered walkways can cause serious personal injury. Slip […]

Covid-19 and Telecommuting Accidents

The outbreak of the new type Coronavirus (Covid-19), which was announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11.03.2020, brought about many new situations and problems in our working lives. One of these is that for the health of their employees, their technological infrastructure is also suitable for the work places to […]

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